Internet Safety for Parents

Online Safety

Technology moves so fast that us grown ups have difficulty keeping up with the children sometimes!
We know that the internet and all forms of technology are amazing resources which allow us to do all kinds of fantastic things, but we also recognise that there are risks associated with it. At Park Way, children will be taught how to keep themselves safe online and while using technology, in an age-appropriate way.  These key messages about keeping safe are taught throughout the year, including special activities on Safer Internet Day, which this year was on Tuesday 6th February.
What you can do at home
The advice from experts in this area suggests that the best way to keep your child safe online is by being involved and interested in their online activity and talking to them about it. Perhaps a good way to start would be to ask them to show you the websites they have visited in school and tell you what they have learnt about keeping safe on the internet.
It is also worth remembering that our children often notice what we do more than what we say - so by being a good role model you can influence their online behaviour too. You could involve older children in checking your own privacy settings on any social networks and talk to them about which photographs you might share online and which you will not! 
We would like to remind all parents and carers that any photographs taken at school events such as assemblies or sports days should not be posted online or on any social network.
If you have any worries about any aspect of online safety, or if you would like further information about what your child is learning in school, then please speak to their Class Teacher, or a member of the Pastoral Team. We don't have all the answers but we can offer advice and put you in touch with further support.
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