Autumn Term 2 - Week 2

What we were sent by Sunny.

What we were sent by Sunny.

Our exciting delivery!

Our exciting delivery!

We used the Woodlands Trust App to identify the Cherry tree on the field using its bark.

We used the Woodlands Trust App to identify the Cherry tree on the field using its bark.

Week 2



On Tuesday, Holly Class returned from Singing Assembly to find a parcel and a postcard in the classroom. We were very excited to read the postcard and eager to find out what was in the parcel.  The postcard was from Sunny the Meerkat, who lives in the scorching Kalahari Desert. He had sent us a copy of the book Meerkat Mail which tells us all about the adventures he has been on.  He also very kindly sent us a meerkat toy and a map of the Kalahari Desert which was very helpful as none of us knew where the Kalahari was (it is in the southern part of Africa in case you are wondering!)

During the week we explored the features of a postcard and had a go at writing postcards with these features.  We also learnt a new word: INFERENCE.  This involves reading the text and using our own knowledge to make guesses such as how Sunny may have felt at different parts of the book. This week we have also learnt about the ! and  ? and have practised writing sentences with these punctuation marks.



Year 1 - We continued with our learning of addition and subtraction. We learnt that these are related and used a Part Part Whole Model to write 4 number sentences (addition and subtraction). On Friday we first listened to the story of Noah's ark and then investigated which animals may have been on the ark if Noah saw 12 legs.  We learnt that there can be more than one way of solving a problem and though the children found this tricky at first they showed good resilience and reasoning by the end of the lesson.

Year 2 - We began learning about SUBTRACTION this week and the children were encouraged to use this word as well as MINUS and TAKE AWAY.  The children have become masters at using the pictorial method to subtract and next week we will be moving onto the written method for subtraction. 


This week in Science we learnt to identify common animals as carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.  We used a Venn diagram to help us sort the animals.  The children had to identify what type of animal it was based on a description of what it ate and then sort it on the Venn diagram.  

For Geography we explored our school field to identify what animals and trees we have around us. The children used the Woodlands Trust app to identify the trees based on their bark or the leaves that were still on the branches.

On Friday we learnt about the festival of Diwali that is celebrated by Hindus.  We then began to compare how Diwali is celebrated to how Christmas may be celebrated. 



PE is on Wednesdays this term

Holly Class Assembly is on Friday 18th of November