Term 2 week 1

Hello :) 

A huge welcome back after the half term break! I hope you had a lovely and restful break. 


In English this term we are moving away from fiction and focusing on non-fiction. Paddington Bear is joining us in the classroom to help us with this and we are reading 'Paddington Bear's guide to London'. We understand that this text is full of facts and have started to look at how this has a different purpose when writing. Oak Class have looked at writing their own information text on a local area (Mote Park) and have really understood what facts are. They have also continued to use their phonics to look at spelling strategies and we are starting to get more confident with independently finding ways to help us spell in the classroom. 


In Maths we have been looking at addition of 2 digit numbers. We have looked at adding tens and subtracting tens from any 2 digit number and have now begun to look at partitioning 2 digit numbers into tens and ones in order to help us add 2 digit numbers together. Not only have we done this practically and in our books, Oak Class are applying this knowledge to problem solving and getting far more confident! 


In History, we have started to look at events beyond living memory that are significant nationally. We learned about the Gunpowder Plot and the reasons behind why the Catholics were so unhappy with King James. Oak Class performed some amazing role plays, taking on the role of the different characters within the story and have started to think about why there was so much dislike for the King. 

In Science, we have begun to look at different everyday materials and looked at identifying them. Oak Class explored their own surroundings and identified a variety of different materials in our classroom, correctly identifying the materials and began to look at how their properties help them to be selected for the job they are doing.