Autumn Term 1 - Week 6

Week 6

It has been a very busy week of learning in Holly Class.

In Literacy we learnt focused on some Common Exception Words that are also known as Tricky Words. The children played a Halloween-themed game to practise reading Common Exception Words and then practised spelling them; at the same time Year 1s practised the words was, I, he, she, were, we and Year 2 practised the words every, everybody, child, and children. This week we also recapped our knowledge of how the suffix -ed can be used to change verbs into the past tense and how if a word ends in a consonant and a y, we need to change the y to an i before adding -ed.  We practised this skill by writing sentences about Victorian children.  We have learnt how time conjunctions can be used to sequence events in a diary entry and then the children wrote their own diary entries about our Victorian Day last week.

In History we learnt about the Wright Brothers and discussed why the invention of the aeroplane was significant and has impacted our lives today in many ways.  The children came up with many good ideas such as how aeroplanes are used to rescue people in danger, how they are used to bring important foods to the UK and travel to countries quicker when in the olden days the journey could have taken weeks or months.


Year 1 - The children have continued learning how to add numbers. They all recognise the + and = sign and have begun to use number lines to add two numbers up to 20.  We have also begun to learn how to solve missing number calculations by drawing the first number using circles and then drawing more circles until we get to the answer in a different colour and then counting how much we added.

Year 2 - The focus of this week has been number bonds. Children have been practising number bonds to 20 and applying them when adding numbers together such as 7 + 2 + 3 can be solved quickly by adding 7 and 3 and then 2.