Cherry Class Blog Term 3 Week 1

Welcome to our latest classroom blog, coming as it does from a New Year!!

I hope everyone connected to Cherry Class had an enjoyable Christmas break and it was great to welcome back the children for these past three days of the first week.

In Literacy, the children had a chance to plan and write a newspaper front page, with the title 'The Hero Twins' The content of the story was left completely up to the children, as to who these twins were and what heroic act they performed!

In Numeracy, Year 5 will spend the first two and half weeks of Term 3 looking at formal written methods of both multiplication and division. We looked at multiplying numbers up to 4-digits by a 1-digit number and on Friday progressed to multiplying a 2-digit number by another 2-digit number. Year 6 worked busily also, looking at ratio.

Our new topic this term is called 'AD 900' and we will investigate the Mayan civilisation from Central America over 1000 years ago. In our introductory lesson, we discussed the various roles in Mayan society (from ruler to slave and everything in-between!).

In RE the children had a chance to discuss the '5 Pillars of Islam' and what the children felt they would need to help them guide themselves through their own lives.

PE is now solely on a Friday and we split the afternoon, with an enjoyable hockey lesson on the playground after lunch focussing on dribbling skills and another enjoyable session afterwards, this time in the hall, investigating symmetrical and asymmetrical balances in pairs.

Well done everyone for all your efforts in the first week back

Mr Ramsden & Miss Stokes