School Rules

Children are involved in the formulation of the school rules, which are displayed centrally and within every teaching space as a reminder of what is acceptable.  Similarly, the consequences for breaking the rules are also on display in every learning area to encourage consistency.




This is what can happen when you make the right choices and follow the school rules:

  • Verbal praise - including verbal reports to parents/carers at the end of the day
  • A written comment on learning
  • A happy face, coloured star or certificate for behaviour as well as learning
  • A visit to another class/teacher/Deputy Headteacher/Headteacher for commendation
  • Stickers
  • Put into the 'Special Book' for special recognition in assembly
  • Team Points
  • Termly certificates awarded in a dedicated assembly
  • Termly trophies awarded in a dedicated assembly
  • Whole class rewards


These are the consequences for breaking the school rules:

  1. Verbal warning - reminder of rule broken and a chance to put things right
  2. Sit on own or stand by an adult for 5 minutes
  3. Go to another class (or another playground if outside) for 5 minutes - record of behaviour completed
  4. Go to Mrs Dhanecha or Miss Hill - record of behaviour completed
  5. Red Book - children must phone their parents/carers to inform them