Term 1 week 6

Hello :) 

This week we have been really busy producing some outstanding learning and really getting our teeth into our writing!


This week we have continued to focus on sentence structure, ensuring that we are using capital letters and full stops but we have progressed to build upon our simple sentences by adding detail. Oak Class have been discussing their Victorian day from last week, linking their writing to a real life event and have begun to plan out their own diary entries based on their fun but strict day! 


This week we have started to look at addition in our maths lesson. We started the week recalling our number bonds to 10 and 20, ensuring that we were secure in this before applying this to basic addition towards the end of the week. Oak Class are able to identify number bonds in addition calculations and can apply their knowledge to problem solving. I was also very impressed by their recall of their times table this week which was amazing! 


In the afternoons we have been very busy with our learning! We have moved on in our history lessons to look at another significant event from the past which is 

The first aeroplane

Oak Class have extended their knowledge about this event and can now say who built the first working aeroplane, when it was built and are developing their understand of how they did it. We have focused a lot on resilience as part of this lesson, looking at how the Wright brothers had to be resilient to build something that have never before worked and have linked this to how we can be resilient in our lessons. 

In addition to history, we have continued to focus on dance in our P.E. lessons. We have been learning the skills of mirroring and sequencing moves to create our very own dances! This week we also introduced travelling in our dance routines which was amazingly fun! 

In R.E. we have continued to look at how Christians show care to others and the world through kindness. Oak Class looked through different scenarios and had in depth discussions about how they could resolve the problems through kindness. They then had time to do some role playing, acting out the scenarios to see if there were different ways they could resolve the problems by being kind to others and the world. 



  • Home Learning is set every Friday and due the following Thursday. Home Learning this week will be due on Thursday 20th October. 
  • Reading records should be in school DAILY and are collected every Friday by Miss Beamish 
  • A huge thank you to everyone that took part in the Ready, Steady, Read competition, remember to collect your sponsorship money and return that and your form to Miss Beamish by Friday 21st October. 
  • Parents evening is on Tuesday 18th and Thursday 20th of October next week. Please ensure that you have made an appointment.