Term 1 Week 2

Well done everyone!

Well done everyone!

Hello everyone, 

I would love to kick-start this blog by saying how proud I am of Ivy Class; this week has been the first week we have done learning in our books! I was quite nervous to see how well the children would cope but let me tell you that they have been BRILLIANT! They are trying so hard with presentation, pace and are aiming to reach the challenges every lessons. So very well done AND keep it up!

So what have our incredible Ivies been up to this week...

In Maths, we have been learning to put numbers in order, represent them with objects and pictorially and we have been learning to write numbers in figures.

In Literacy, we have focused on letter formation (especially the curly ones), applying our phonemes to words and then putting those words into sentences. We even learned about the Victorians along the way!

In PE; we focused on accuracy when aiming and throwing a ball. We practiced a lot of underarm throws and chest passes and applied this to games. We also did Victorian themed dancing. 

In Science; we did an experiment all about sinking and floating. We observed raisins float in fizzy water but not in still water. We wrote our results in our books. 

In History; we learnt all about Queen Victoria... Did you know she had 9 children and 42 grandchildren! 

What an amazing week we have had - enjoy the weekend and see you Tuesday! 


  • Please put names in jumpers
  • Homework is due on a Thursday via teams
  • Please encourage your child to hand in their reading records so that books can get changed!