Autumn Term 2 - Week 6

Week 6

This week we have been having lots of fun learning new skills and knowledge. The children performed their Christmas play - Ralph the Reindeer on Monday to the whole school and to the parents on Tuesday. The children performed amazingly and all the staff in Key Stage 1 felt so proud of them all. It was so lovely to see the parents being able to attend for the first time since Covid and really got everyone into the holiday season spirit.



Into the Forest: Browne, Anthony, Browne, Anthony:  9781844285594: Books

In Literacy we have started reading the text 'Into the Forest' by Anthony Browne. The children have really enjoyed the illustrations for this book where they are hidden clues to traditional tales. It is a lovely book to gift if you are looking for Christmas presents ideas.  

The children wrote down ideas for why the boy should not go into the forest using their punctuation and then wrote poems where the phrase 'Don't go into the forest' was repeated.


Y1 The children learnt to order numbers and groups of objects. They had to count and put the numbers in order from smallest to biggest. Some of us were challenged to give our reasoning as to why our answers were definitely correct.

Y2 The children learnt vocabulary for describing position and directions (left, right, clockwise, anti-clockwise, quarter turn, half turn, three quarters turn, full turn). We then created maps and wrote directions using this vocabulary to move around the map.



In Topic the children learnt about Sir Garrard who created the first and only zoo in Maidstone. We talked about why he was a significantly important historical figure for us and many were surprised to find out that Cobtree Manor Park is where the zoo used to be.  

In P.E we played several games to improve our agility and the children learnt that agility means moving in different directions quickly without losing our balance.

The children really enjoyed our RE lesson this week. We learnt about the Jewish festival of Hanukkah and the children got to taste potato latkes. They also made menorahs and got to play a game of spin the dreidel. Through this the children learnt about how some Jewish people celebrate Hanukkah and the history behind the traditions, such as the fact that the potato latkes are fried in oil to remind the Jewish people that oil in the Temple lasted for 8 days.  Finally we compared to Hanukkah to other celebrations that we have learnt about such as Christmas, Diwali and birthdays.