Aims & Values

To promote lifelong learning


We provide a caring, secure and stimulating environment in which the spiritual, moral, cultural and academic education of everyone is developed.

We deliver an appropriate and challenging curriculum that recognises the diverse needs of individuals.

We work in partnership with parents, carers and the community.

Why are these our aims and values?

When most of us adults were at school we learned subjects separately from each other and we learned facts like ...

  • 1066 – battle of Hastings
  • Paris is the capital city of France  etc.

Now if we don’t know something particular we can look it up on the internet, use phone services or even ask questions by text! So the way in which our children need to be taught is different.

At Park Way we want the children to have the skills to find things out and to want to learn. In this age of technology the jobs that some of our children will do don’t yet exist (eg. There were no jobs for web designers over 30 years ago as there was no internet!).

SO...we need to teach the children how to find things out, how to present their findings, how to use research materials, books, internet and technology services. We can’t possibly teach them all the facts that they will need to know in life but we want them to be able to find answers and to make connections and make sense of our rapidly changing world.

And, because life isn’t always a bed of roses we want them to be resilient. We want to teach them the skills to resolve conflict. To manage their own feelings when things don’t go well, so that whatever life throws at them in the future they can cope better than we sometimes do!

It’s no good bringing up clever people who aren’t very nice, so as well as all this we want them to be able to respect each other and to take responsibility for their own actions – who wouldn’t want this for their children?



RESPONSIBILITY (Owning your actions) 

RESPECT (Being nice to each other)

RESILIENCE(Coping with the challenges in life)