Term 5 Week 2

Who can believe we are already in week 2 of Term 5?! 

Another fun week has passed; we've been incredibly busy learning:

  • To tell the time to half past, and o'clock in maths. We are now experts at drawing and reading the time.
  • To identify verbs and adjectives and include them in our sentences for our descriptive story writing in literacy.
  • To co-ordinate our movements to hit a shuttlecock in badminton in PE.
  • In art, we have explored the work of David Best, a sculptor we are learning about this term. 
  • In Science, we have been learning to identify basic parts of a flower and say what each parts function is.
  • In PSHE, we have been identifying the value of money and what we could do if we found lost money! Some very interesting answers!
  • We are also very lucky to be doing some resilience training with Commander Josh which will happen every Friday afternoon until the end of term. We participated in team building exercises to sneak blocks from the big bad wolf to build the tallest tower!

Ivy Class have been designing some amazing watering devices. Next week, they will have a go at making their devices in DT. Please save up these objects on the list below over the weekend and send your child in with it by Wednesday 1st May. Much appreciated!  🙂

  • Plastic bottles both small and the litre / 2 litre bottles.
  • milk bottles
  • string/ rope
  • sticks
  • boxes - plastic, metal and cardboard
  • tin cans
  • straws
  • tinfoil 
  • clingfilm 
  • Yogurt pots
  • Anything waterproof to build with! 💦


Have a wonderful weekend all!   Miss Bird & Mrs Finnis :)