Term 3 week 2

Hello :) 

What a wonderful (but rather wet) week we have had! 


This week we have been talking all things books! We are starting a unit of book reviews so we have shared some of our favourite stories and authors with each other, getting the opportunity to simply enjoy reading and have learned to summarise and recommend different texts. 

In addition to this, we have been learning about homophones. Homophones are words that sound the same but are spelt differently as they have different meanings. We have looked at the different homophones we can think of and come up with fun and exciting ways to help us to remember how to spell them. 


We have continued to look at money this week. We are now confident with recognising different coinage used in England and can now add 1 and 2 digit amounts together using a written method. We have also looked at making different combinations of money to make the same amount. 

Oak Class continue to focus on their times tables - we play TT rockstars weekly and I am so proud of some of the scores that children in Oak Class are scoring. This is a really helpful way to support your child's recall of their times tables so please do continue to encourage them to play as often as possible at home. 


In the afternoons we have been just as busy. In Science, we have been looking at identifying different materials, looking at objects and what they are made from and begun to discuss some of the properties of these materials. Linking to this, we have started to use our focus text called 'Traction Man' to help us in our DT lessons. We have started to design our own toys, thinking about the materials we are using to make our toys and why we have chosen those materials. 

Rock Kidz - on Tuesday, we had Rock Kidz in school which was a really enjoyable day. The children loved it and became really engaged with the workshops. It was a wonderful experience for the class and it was lovely to see!