Spring Term 2 - Week 2

Week 2


Holly Class are currently really enjoying learning about Florence Nightingale. In History we compared how nursing has changed since the Victorian age when Florence Nightingale introduced the first uniform for nurses and set up the first training college for nurses.  We talked about the use of hand sanitizers now and also how nurses now use digital technology to get more accurate measurements.  We looked at a blood pressure machine and even measured Elodie's blood pressure!

Our English learning is linked to History and we have been learning about letters. This week we learnt about the structure of a letter and then practised writing our own addresses, making sure we used capital letters correctly. Later in the week we wrote the beginning of a letter with questions as Frances Nightingale writing to her sister Florence Nightingale.

In Maths this week, Year 1s have continued to secure their understanding of place value using Part-Part Whole Models. Year 2s have been learning to make different combinations of an amount and have also started to calculate change when shopping.

In Science, the children learnt about living and non-living things and in PE we have started to travel high and low.