Walnut Class Term 1 Week 4

We have just completed week four of our first term! The children in Walnut Class are demonstrating our school values and following our school and class rules consistently.

This week, for our Literacy learning, we have been creating the most amazing diary entries. We have been using coordinating conjunctions to improve a simple sentence to a compound sentence. I have been amazed at how simple sentences have been transformed into such descriptive writing – well done Walnut Class!

For our Maths learning, we have started off with addition and subtraction this week. Children has shown some good knowledge and understanding of these calculations.  

Our PE learning this week was understanding the impact of physical education on our mental health. Firstly, we played a game in which we just had to think of ourselves. Then, we played a game in pairs and finally, a game in which we participated as a team. We discussed how we felt after each game and what the differences were between all 5 circuits. We learnt that sport can affect our mental health before, during and after a game and how to respond to these feelings.

For our Art learning this term, we are focusing on the artist Damien Hirst. We have looked at different pieces of his artwork which are often based on the theme of science. His artwork has provoked divided opinion within the class and we have enjoyed listening to each others’ opinions and reasoning. We created our own piece of art, inspired by Damien Hirst which involved mixing primary colours to make secondary colours. We then used black and white to mix different tones of colours. We have started our spiral and spinners techniques and will complete it next week.

This week for our Science learning, we answered some questions about reflective materials.

Why do we use/need reflective materials? (to help us or things be seen, especially when outside at night, for safety reasons).

We also thought of where we would see reflective materials? (e.g. on cyclists, runners, road signs, road workers, fire-fighters, builders, bike reflectors/stickers, etc.).

We then discussed which colours reflect most light? (white, light or fluorescent colours e.g. yellow, orange).

The investigation helped us to know what it look like if a material reflects light well? Children found it very interesting.

During our RE lesson we have discussed the actions of Christians in helping others. We focused on Mother Teresa and how she impact the world.


Swimming on Tuesday – please bring swimming kit into school.

Our PE day is on a Thursday – please wear correct PE kit into school.

Have a lovely weekend

From Mrs Jacobs and Mr Dodd.