Term 3, Week 4

This week we have been focusing on day and night. We looked at the story ‘monkey day, monkey night.’ We discussed what makes it day and night time and how we might do different things in the day or night. The children enjoyed exploring shadows and discussing what makes a shadow and if shadows can move or not. We chalked out our very own shadows on Friday when we were lucky enough to have the sunshine out.

In Maths we have looked at the numbers 6, 7, and 8. We spoke about one more and how our number gets bigger. We explored different ways of making these numbers and using the different manipulatives to support. The children are getting very confident at writing their numbers too.

The children have recapped their phonics sounds this week and we have focussed on filling in any gaps the children might have. Next week we will be starting our next set of sounds, please check your child’s reading record and practise theses at home.

Our challenge next week is for the children to practise getting dressed on their own. We are encouraging the children as much as possible to dress and undress themselves during PE. Thank you for your continued support.

Have a lovely weekend,

The EYFS Team.