Term 3 week 5

Hello :) 

We have been superstar learners this week and used different forms of media to help with our learning! 


This week we have continued to focus on our text 'Traction Man' but looked at it from a different perspective. We started to look at persuasive language, reasons why Traction Man is the best toy out there and why he should be bought for us. To do so and to have some fun, we used our speaking and listening skills this week to create our very own persuasive news reports to convince an audience to buy Traction Man! 

Some of our amazing videos have been uploaded to our Teams page if you would like to see Oak Class in action with their persuasive news reports!


In maths this week we have finished off our learning on multiplication. We have been focusing on recalling our 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables and applying these to problem solving. I have been so impressed with Oak Class' retention of times tables and their scores on TT Rockstars is fantastic! Keep it up at home because instant recall of times tables supports so much learning! 


In the afternoons we have been equally busy. We have been looking at sorting materials based on their properties and used our maths knowledge of Venn diagrams to help us. In addition to this, we have been completing our DT projects this week. We have designed our very own toy linking our learning to Traction Man. From this, we used our knowledge of materials from science to select our materials and have been making our toys this week. We have nearly finished them and will be looking to evaluate our learning next week which is really exciting!