Term 1 week 4

Hello :) 

What a wonderful week we have had in Oak Class! I have been blown away with the outstanding learning taking place by everyone!


This week in literacy, we have been focusing on a text about Oliver Twist who was an orphaned child living in Victorian England. We have been using this text to help us look at sentence structure, using verbs to help us write sentences in the correct tense and explored what adjectives are. In addition to this, we have continued to focus on our handwriting, ensuring that we are forming our letters correctly in line with our school policy.  We have also looked at punctuation within our sentences. 


This week we have continued to look at place value but moved on to looking at numbers more generally. We have looked at ordering numbers and used a fun game to help us as an early morning activity. (The link to the game is here should you want to continue to look at ordering number to 100 https://www.topmarks.co.uk/ordering-and-sequencing/coconut-ordering) We have also been looking at comparing numbers using the <,> and = symbols. Later in the week we looked at counting in steps of 2,5 and 10 and how we can link this to our times tables. 


In R.E. this week, we have been looking at how we can care for others and our world. We have read a story from the Christian religion that showed kindness, compared this to other religions and linked this to our own lives at school. We enjoyed discussing how different religions all have different ways of caring for others and the world.

In Science, we have been conducting simple investigations. We used skittles to help us this week to see what would happen when we added warm water to them. We made predictions based on what we thought would happen, conducted the investigation and discussed the results together, reaching a conclusion to our findings. 

We also spent some time this week thinking about what a charity is and linking this to the McMillian coffee morning. Oak Class now know what a charity is and how this can help people who are in need of help. We followed instructions, using our mathematical skills to weigh out different measurements and home economic skills to make delicious cupcakes ready to sell and raise money for the McMillian coffee morning! Here are some pictures of our amazing cupcakes!


  • Home learning is set via Teams on a Friday and is due back the following Thursday. Home learning for this week is due back on Thursday 6th October. 
  • Reading records should be in school DAILY. Miss Beamish collects them every Friday to see what reading your child has been up to during the week. 
  • We are half way through out Ready, Steady read competition! I cannot wait to see your sponsorship forms and see how many hours you have been reading at home! 
  • On Friday 7th October 2022, all of KS1 will be hosting a Victorian Day! Please come dressed as a Victorian for the day and get ready to endure a typical Victorian school day.