Term 3 Week 3

Hello all,

WOW what a positive end to an amazing week of learning; we have really dived into our book reviews and have produced some FANTASTIC learning! The children really showed off their knowledge, retrieving all they had learnt over the past few weeks and applying this to their hot tasks! Super proud!

As usual we have been busy-bees so take a look below to see what we've been up to:

In Maths; we have been learning to subtract one and two digit numbers. We've been thinking about different ways we solve the calculations and concluded we can use number lines, counters, draw pictorial representations and count backwards. Either way, we get the same answer! From there we went on to solving one-step word problems involving subtraction (we applied our knowledge of subtraction to solve the word problems) and then went onto finding subtraction related facts. We know if 5 + 3 = 8, then 8 - 3 = 5 AND 8 - 5 = 3. 

In Literacy; we did some FANTASTIC learning! We kick-started the week with improving our handwriting and learning the oo sound. We can identify the diagraph in a word, sound it out, segment and blend 'oo' words AND even put the words into sentences (we had a cheeky giggle at the word poo!). We then moved onto suffixes; we know how a suffix changes the meaning of a root word - we focused on -ed and -ing, knowing one is present tense and one is past tense! We then moved on to sequencing the story of Traction Man and discussing our opinions about the story.  We then wrote these ideas down in the form of a book review.

In RE, we learnt about the Mezuzah, a special case with a Jewish Prayer in. We then reflected on what is special to us and why. 

In PE, we have been doing gymnastics; looking at travelling high and low and even travelled by doing various rolls and stretches! We definitely demonstrated resilience in our gymnastics lesson this week.

We've also been getting creative in DT; in line with our focus text 'Traction Man' we have been designing a toy and making a prototype of our designs using various materials (which we identified in our science lessons!)

Fantastic learning this week; we are very proud of you all! Have a wonderful, restful weekend and we shall see you fresh Monday morning!

Few notes:

  • Please bring in any boxes for our junk modelling. Ivy class will be continuing to make their own toys next week.
  • Keep reading at home and encouraging your child to bring in their reading records.
  • If your child comes to school with hats, gloves and scarfs, please put names in them! 

Much appreciated, thank you!