Term 4 Week 2

Hello all,

From special visitors to crazy art, we have smashed week 2!

In Literacy we have:

  • refined our literacy, knowing how and when to use suffixes (-er, -est, -ing, -ed)
  • practiced how to structure sentences in preparation of writing letters as if we were crayons!

In Maths we have:

  • continued to measure length and height.
  • compared length and height         

In PSHE we have:

  • Ivy class had a very special PSHE lesson today! Maggie the Dog 🐕 came to join us and helped us to learn about how to care for animals as they have different needs to us. I am so pleased with how well the children considered Maggie’s needs and ensured she was happy and comfortable in our class. 🐾They welcomed her in with lots of strokes, calmness and love! Well Done Ivy Class - you have made me very proud! 🤩

In PE we have:

  • continued to participate in gymnastics using our bodies to sequence rolls and rocks!

In Art we have:

  • learnt about Pablo Picasso and compared some of his artwork!

In ICT we have:

  • learnt to identify the buttons on a bee-bot

In History we have:

  • compared three significant queens and their contributions to society. Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II. 

Have a wonderful weekend!