Term 4 Week 2

Hello everyone :)

We have had a very busy week and, as always, we have been approaching our learning with a very positive attitude!

In literacy this week, we started off by focusing on our letter formation and learning about split diagraphs. From this we have been learning to compose a sentence before writing it. When writing we have been using adjectives in our setting descriptions to make our writing much more interesting!

This week we have become authors. We then created storyboards; we chose our very own animal and decided what would be its fear to overcome...We had the bunny who was afraid to hop, the cheetah who was afraid to run, the bird who was afraid to fly and many more! As the week continued how can we not mention World Book Day? Ivy Class had some fantastic costumes which we had so much fun modelling to each other. On World Book Day we wrote riddle poems to guess which animals we were pretending to be all whilst using the skills of writing a simile. To finish the week we used our storyboard to create our own stories learning to re-read our sentences to make sure they are written correctly.

During maths this week, we continued to look at measuring and recording length and height but instead of using non-standard units we looked at the standard units of centimetres and metres, learning how to use the tools correctly to help us measure.

In geography, we continued to look at human and physical geography using the iPads and IT skills to explore Maidstone and identify these features. 

In PE, the coach worked on jumping with us, focusing on how to jump using one foot and be able to land on two feet.

In RE, we looked at what a parable is and looked at The Parable of the Lost Sheep which is explored through Christianity. 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and please do encourage your children to bring in their reading records so their books can be changed!