Term 3 Week 4

Just like that, another week whizzes by! 

I have to say how proud I am seeing how far the children have come since September; keep up the FANTASTIC LEARNING Ivy Class! :)

Of course, Ivy Class have been super busy in all areas of their learning this week. 

In Literacy, we have been identifying features of a letter. We now know that whatever the letter may contain, it must have an address, date, who it is to, who it is from AND be written in first person! In addition to this; the children have come up with super vocabulary to describe Traction Man. I am very impressed. A few examples of words children came up with are: extraordinary, incredible, fantastic, excellent, amazing, exciting, brave, colourful, fancy, cosy and a whole lot more!

In Maths, we have been familiarising ourselves with place value knowledge to 50. We have been able to count, read and write numbers to 50 and can represent these both with objects and pictorially. 

In RE, we have been talking about Shabbat and why it is special to Jewish people. We were able to give examples of what they may do to celebrate Shabbat and reflect on our own celebrations and what is special to us.

In PE, we have been gymnasts once again! We have been focusing on how we can travel using different heights and different parts of our bodies. I would love to say a huge well done this week to the children for celebrating their peers successes! So wonderful to see the class come together so positively. :)

In science this week, we have been incredible; we were able to retrieve what we learnt about materials last week and use that to describe the simple physical properties of a variety of everyday materials this week. We learnt some very interesting scientific vocabulary along the way: transparent, opaque, hard, soft, waterproof and absorbent! We did an experiment using torches and our sense of touch AND with water to identify properties. We even found it amusing to put raincoats on, pour water on our heads and still remain dry!! That's how we know whether something is waterproof...because it won't let any water through!

WOW a very exciting week we've had!

I can't wait to see what next week brings; have a super weekend all!