Topic Learning

In History, we’ll be finding out:

  • How we find out about the past
  • About clues that are left behind from the past
  • How to sequence clues from our families’ past
  • Find out about Victorian England
  • Compare the lifestyle of children today compared to those living in Victorian England 
  • Make comparisons between Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth, looking at how the decisions in the past have impacted on the decisions of today. 

In Science, we’ll be finding out:

  • how to work scientifically 
  • How to conduct simple investigations 
  • Discuss our results and findings 
  • Learn to make predictions 

In Art, we’ll be finding out:

  • How to look closely at objects
  • About the paintings of Joan Miró
  • How to compare a photograph and a painting

In International, we’ll be finding out:

  • About an important historical find
  • Why we learn about the past