Walnut Class Term 1 Week 5

We have enjoyed another great week of learning in Walnut Class this week.

In Year 4 Maths, we have been learning about the Roman numeral system and how this changed over a number of years. We have also been learning how to round any number to the nearest 10.  Year 3 have focused on finding one, ten or a hundred more than a given number and counting in multiples of four, addition and subtraction.

For our Literacy learning this week, we have been learning how to use speech marks, including coordinating conjunction and applying these skills within our own writing. We have continued to use our focus text, Robinson Crusoe, to support our learning. 

In our Science learning this week, Mrs Jacobs gave us mirrors and touches to experiment with reflections. We discussed that this is because light travels in a straight line and is reflected off the mirrors in straight lines. We also created our own periscope, by placing a hidden object behind a chair – our partner had to crouch down behind the chair and using two mirrors, they had to use both mirrors to see the object. We also make wavy lines with chalk in the playground. We then held a mirror over our heads and looked in the mirror to walk on the wavy line. We enjoyed this activity the most because instead of looking down to follow the line we could look up in the mirror reflection to walk on the line.

For our RE learning, we have learnt about the similarities and differences in different religions. Mr Saunders led this lesson, using ICT skills and online post-its. 

For our PE learning, we learnt about different types of aerobic exercise and the impact this has on our physical health. We were given various physical tasks, each with a three minute duration, to experience the impact this had on our body. We discussed how it made us feel and what was happening to our heart rate and breathing.


Please encourage your child to go on Times Tables Rock Stars regularly. This will boost their accuracy of times tables knowledge which will help with multiplication and division skills. Their log-in details are in their GPS books/red books, but they should know it off by heart by now.

Please also remind your child to bring their Reading Record to school every day.

Swimming is on a Tuesday – please bring swimming kit to school.

PE is on a Thursday – please ensure your child is wearing the correct PE kit, in accordance with our PE uniform policy displayed on our website. We have a few children not wearing the correct PE kit. Also, children are not allowed to wear earrings for PE.

Have a lovely weekend!

From Mrs Jacobs and Mr Dodd.