Spring Term 2 - Week 5

Week 5

This week in English we have been learning to share our opinions about books in the form of book reviews. We learnt what a summary was and wrote summaries about Superworm. We had to make sure we didn’t give away the ending of the book and finished with a question that would encourage the reader to read the book.

In Maths we have been solving problems involving volume and capacity. Year 1s have been measuring in non-standard units such as cups and Year 2s have been measuring in standard units such as millilitres and litres.

In RE this week we learnt about the Muslim festival of Eid up Fitr which celebrates the end of Ramadan. We learnt a story about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and a boy on Eid and learnt that the story is important to Muslims because it teaches them to be kind to the less fortunate.

In Science we made nests for birds and investigated how strong they were. We used different size eggs to explore if our nests were strong enough.

History this week was a continuation of last week’s learning about how jobs have changed. We had a visit from an anaesthetist and a sensei who talked about their jobs.