Cherry Class Blog Term 2 Week 6

Welcome to our second to last blog of the year!

A different week this week, as high quality learning interspersed with watching Key Stage 1 and Reception perform two magnificent Nativity shows to the whole class.

In Literacy, we completed our 'Poetry' topic by planning, writing and editing a poem linked to winter and using specific features taught this term, such as similes, metaphors, personification and a rhythm and rhyme.

In Numeracy, Year 5 finished their fractions learning with a revision lesson before completed a multi-question quiz and then we moved onto Roman Numerals for the remainder of the week! Year 6 got their teeth into both long division and multiplication.

Something different this week also, as mid-week the class had the opportunity to use micro-bits, which are mini computers and allow them to get hands on with coding and digital making. Their skills in this area were clearly evident and everyone is very much looking forward to the follow up lesson next week. 

In RE we tied up our topic linked to 'Racism' by producing a poster with a powerful statement and in PSHE (slightly randomly, given the current weather!) we investigated the harm that the Sun can deliver and precaution measures to take out in the sunshine.


Regards, Mr Ramsden & Miss Stokes