Term 2 week 3

Hello :) 

We have had an amazing week and been really creative in the classroom too! 


 This week we have been focusing on our focus text 'Meerkat Mail'. We have been looking at the features of a postcard and how we can use these features to write our own. We have continued to look at punctuating our sentences correctly, how to use an exclamation mark and use talk for writing and role play to plan out our own postcards! 


This week we have finished looking at subtraction. Oak Class have been looking at using a pictorial and written method to subtract two digit numbers from each other and have even looked at crossing the tens! They have used their previous knowledge of place value to support their written method where they have partitioned the two digit numbers into tens and ones showing how they use their previous learning to help them. We then ended the week by applying our knowledge to problem solving. 


We have been very busy this week in the afternoons. In Science, we have been looking at describing and comparing the structure of common animals including mammals, fish, birds, reptiles and amphibians. Oak Class looked at a variety of different animals including ones that might live in their homes and discussed how we can tell which animal they are. We then made comparisons between the different animals using our knowledge to support us.

In R.E. we have been looking at retelling the Christmas story in the Christian religion and why it is important to believers. We also had a wonderful Diwali workshop where the children learned all about the festival and they were able to share their understanding of the festival together back in the classroom. 

In art, we have been looking at the artist Andy Goldsworthy. Linking our geography learning about the world that we live on, we looked at Andy Goldsworthy as he uses natural resources to create fantastic pieces of artwork. Oak Class then used his work as inspiration to use a range of materials from the natural world creatively to design and make their own artwork. Below you will see some of our fantastic pieces of learning! 


  • KS1 are going to Mote Park next week on Thursday 24th November as part of their geography learning. We have enough parent volunteers so a huge thank you for all your support. Please ensure that your child has a coat for this day. 
  • There is a phonics and reading curriculum evening on Tuesday 6th December where you can learn all about how phonics and reading is taught at Park Way. Please come along and find out more. 
  • Costumes for the Christmas play need to be in school by Monday 28th November.