Term 2 week 3

Hello :) 

What an amazing week we have had! I am so proud of the learning that has taken place this week in Oak Class!


In English this week we have been planning our own information texts based on castles. We have been learning about the Tower of London and then discussed the purpose of castles, why they were built and what makes a good castle. Using this information, we are writing our own information texts on castles.

We have continued to look at our phonics, applying our sounds to spell unfamiliar words and have also been pushing our red tricky words in order to spell these correctly.


In maths we have finished our unit on addition and subtract. We have looked at mixed addition and subtraction calculations, ensuring that we are reading the symbols correctly and also applying this knowledge to problem solving. We have looked at using our retrieval of <,> and = to compare number sentences and also looked at missing number problems.

We have continued to look at our times tables and this week, we have been focusing on our 2 times tables.


In the afternoons we have been just as busy! In history we have started to look at a significant event beyond living memory. We have started to look at the Great Fire of London and explored the historical content of this event. We will then move on to the significance of it for housing today and why it is so important to learn from historical events.

In R.E. we have continued to look at Christian symbolism and in computing this week we have looked at images and how these can be manipulated. We have also looked in science at different materials and their suitability of those materials for their chosen objects.