Term 5 week 4

Hello :) 
What a wonderful week we have had in Oak Class! 


This week we have begun to look at information texts. We are linking our literacy learning to science and have looked at examples of information texts on plants, identifying the features of them and developing our tier 3 vocabulary. We have compared facts to opinions and had a lengthy conversations about what makes a fact a fact! Oak Class then had a go at writing their own facts about plants using their knowledge from their science learning to support them. 


This week we have started to look at telling the time. We looked at the number of days in a week and months in a year and linked this to our previous learning from Year 1. From here, we built on our learning and looked at telling the time to 15 minutes using an analogue clock. Oak Class can tell the time to o'clock, half past, quarter to and past. Some of us are even moving onto 5 minute intervals which is amazing. 

We continue to be outstanding with our times table recall and I am so proud of how much progress they are making on TT Rockstars. 


In the afternoons we have been looking at Vincent Van Gogh's Sunflowers painting and, using his works as inspiration, we looked at the skill of collaging in order to create our own masterpieces based on his artwork. 

We have combined our maths and science learning for our science learning this week. We learned about how plants grow from a seed or a bulb to a mature plant and using a block graph, recorded the growth of shoots from a seed to their current height. 

In R.E. we identified special objects and symbols in a church and their meaning. We have looked at Synagogues, Mosques and Churches this term and how they have special objects inside which have special meaning and symbolism to people.