Term 5 week 5

Hello :) 

What a very green week we have had in Oak Class!


In literacy we have been looking at information texts. Oak Class are able to identify the different features of the texts and can explain their purpose. They have continued to look at the differences between facts and opinions. Oak Class have linked their computing skills with their literacy skills this week and have used technology purposefully to help them research facts about their own chosen subject. Using these facts, Oak Class will be creating their own information texts next week! 


In maths we have been revising the four operations. We looked at addition and subtraction using the written method and also multiplication and division using the bar model. We linked this knowledge to problem solving and have continued to challenge ourselves with our recall of times tables. 


In the afternoons we have been very busy! We have been learning about programming in our computing lessons and have used Scratch Junior in order to programme a sprite. 

In Science we have looked at what a plant needs to survive and made predictions about what would happen to it if we removed something. Oak Class have been working scientifically in order to find the answer to this investigation and have come up with some detailed predictions to test. 

In P.E. we have continued to look at badminton this term. Oak Class are able to hold the racket correctly and have been working on their control when playing the sport. I have been very impressed with their listening skills, taking on feedback and their skill when playing has really improved over the term!