Welcome to Park Way Primary School!

All children deserve the very best start to their academic life and, at Park Way, we passionately believe in promoting lifelong learning. 
Our philosophy is based around three basic 'R's ...

We hope that the children will learn respect for others, resilience in dealing with life’s challenges and to take responsibility for their own actions.  We celebrate the success of all the children and are always endeavouring to seek new ways to improve the quality of learning opportunities for everyone.  We set high expectations at Park Way and expect nothing but the very best from all our children, staff and parents.  We aim to always be a school where children and adults are proud to come everyday.

Educating children should be a partnership between home and school and we work hard to encourage parents to share in their children's learning.  Contact us to organise a visit to Park Way and see what we're really all about!
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Worried about a child? - We strongly believe in safeguarding children and vulnerable adults. If you have any concerns about a child please click here for advice, contacts and support.


If you would like to receive paper copies of our Policies or any other information you find on our website, please contact our School Office on 01622 753651.

Thank you.