Safeguarding and Child Protection

Worried about a child?

If you believe that a child or young person is at IMMEDIATE risk, you should treat this as an emergency and call the School on 01622 753651, or call 999 to report your concerns to the Police.
Our safeguarding arrangements are designed to ensure that there is always someone appropriately trained on site to refer concerns to.

Our safeguarding personnel (as of September 2022) are as follows:

DSL Designated Safeguarding Lead: Karen Dhanecha (Headteacher)
Additionally trained DSL: Denise Hill (Deputy Headteacher), Sandra Rackley (Senior Teacher), Karen Abrahams (Attendance and Welfare Officer).
Governor Safeguarding Lead: Mr David Dobbs 
Child Looked After Coordinator: Karen Dhanecha (Headteacher)
E-Safety Coordinator: Karen Dhanecha (Headteacher)
Person responsible for children with medical conditions: Denise Hill (Deputy Headteacher) & Pastoral Team


Most children enjoy generally happy childhood experiences within their own family. Unfortunately for some this is not the case. During difficult family times, everyone who knows the child must do the best they can to protect them from future harm.  At Park Way we are committed to promoting diversity and equality as well as the safeguarding of children. All staff, governors and any visitors/ volunteers who have unsupervised contact with children are subject to DBS, right to work and other legally required employment checks.  Adults receive safeguarding training and training in our procedures upon joining our school and this is updated at least annually.

There are at least four specially trained Designated Safeguarding Lead staff at the school and one designated person on site at all times.  IF YOU ARE CONCERNED ABOUT A CHILD PLEASE TALK TO A DESIGNATED PERSON. If in doubt, the office staff can arrange this. You do not need to discuss details with anyone else and any information will be treated in confidence.

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