Term 1 Week 5

Hello all,

We have had a very fun week;

In Literacy we have:

  • continued to practice forming letters correctly.
  • practiced giving instructions to a pirate on how to brush their teeth.
  • learnt about what verbs are and how to use them.

In Maths we have:

  • consolidated counting in steps of 2 5 and 10 and applying our number knowledge to one-step word problems.
  • consolidated our knowledge on missing numbers on number lines.

In Science we have:

  • gathered information to answer questions - we have decided the best material to build a pirate ship with is plastic and/or wood.

In Art we have:

  • developed a wide range of art and design techniques to develop shape, form and texture.
  • used clay and Barabara Hepworth as inspiration, children to create their own sculptures linked to pirate treasure.

In PE we have:

  • played games that centred around aiming accurately.
  • worked on rolling and throwing and catching.

In Geography we have:

  • compared St Lucia to Maidstone. The children were very excited to see mountains in St Lucia but not in Maidstone!

Few Reminders:

  • Friday 13th October is school photo day.
  • Parents' Evening dates will be as follows: Tuesday 17th October – 3.30pm-6.30pm Thursday 19th October – 6pm - 8pm

Have a wonderful weekend!