Term 1 Week 5

Happy Friday everyone!

Our amazing Ivy Class children have been excellent at being resilient learners this week. We have worked super hard and have even become Victorian learners for the day!

So what have we been up to?

Well today was an incredible day because, for our topic learning, KS1 had a Victorian day! THEY LOOKED FANTASTIC! We set the classroom up like a traditional Victorian class and used chalk (got a tad messy!) We even made some YUCKY gruel which the children got to try (if they wanted to). They sat boys on one side and girls on the other, learnt to count in twos, hand write and copy sentences. In the afternoon, boys went of to science and PE whilst girls learn to do house skills and sew (we made peg dolls - just like the Victorians).

The Ivy adults were very strict but the cheeky children found it absolutely hilarious! Throughout the day, the children were super at retrieving previous information to explain why we had become Victorians for the day, make excellent comparisons between nowadays and back then and also identified key historical figures and how they had an impact on today.

In Maths, we have been learning to use our addition skills to find missing numbers. For example: we know if the sum was 3+ ___ = 7, we can count on from 3 to 7 and identify how many steps it took to get there (of course, we know the answer is 4!)

In Literacy, we have continued to look at sentence structure. We worked on correctly adding full stops and capital letters to sentences AND even unscrambling muddled sentences so they made sense. This helped us to recognise when a sentence doesn't make sense and to identify nouns and verbs.

Our little scientists identified the 5 senses and put them to the test by performing an experiment so that they could pose questions and answer them using logical reasoning. Our question was "Can you identify properties of materials using only some of your senses?"

In PE, Ivy Class continued to learn from the coach.  This week we learnt to dribble a ball with a hockey stick.

In R.E, we learnt about how the teachings of kindness are taught through Christianity.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone and the Ivy team will see you Monday! :)

Home learning has been set on teams.
Please put names in jumpers, cardigans and fleeces!
PE is Thursday.
The weather is getting chillier, please do send your child into school with a coat to wear at playtime and lunchtimes.