Term 4, Week 4

This week we introduced Apples and Pears to a new part of the classroom, ‘The Post Office’. The children used postman bags and hi-vis to role-play. The children were so interested in the life of a postman and what happens to our letters. We looked at the story of ‘The Jolly Postman,’ looked at the different parts of a letter and wrote our own to some of the fairy tale characters from the story.

We also wrote a postcard to each other and went on a walk down to the post box, where we posted them. The children were amazing walking there and back and we were very lucky to met a real postman doing this daily job.

In Maths we have been learning about number bonds, composition of 10 and doubling. The children were great at saying double is twice the amount.

The children have enjoyed continuing looking at spring and finding the flowers are growing and the sun is sometimes trying to come out.

Thank you to all the parents that attending parents evening. Also, don’t forget it is our class assembly on Friday 22nd March in the Hall at 9am. We look forward to seeing you there.

Have a lovely weekend,

The EYFS team.