Walnut Class Term 3 Week 5

We have had another fantastic week of learning in Walnut Class this week!

For our Literacy learning, we have been applying grammar skills to improve our writing. We have learnt how to use apostrophes for possession and how to use pronouns to replace a noun. We have also applied our knowledge about paragraphs based on a theme to write our own paragraphs based on our focus text ‘The Iron Man.’ We ended our week by planning a news report about the visit of the Iron Man.

During whole class maths this week, we focused on 'Money'; we have been finding totals and giving change.

For our History topic, children have learnt about the ‘hypocaust’ system that the Romans used to heat their homes. They can explain that this was an underground system of pillars in which hot air circulated to heat the floor and walls above. Children constructed their own pillars using cardboard – they cut out squares and assembled them together in a group and then added a floor layer on top of this.  They've added rooms that would have been typical in a Roman villa to their floor layer and also decorated the floor and walls, using Roman mosaic patterns.

For RE this week, children have learnt about how Christians impacted the worldwide communities, We focused on how Mother Theresa as a Christian helped the world. The children created the most amazing fact-files about her life.

In PSHE, children have learnt about what ‘asthma’ means so that they have an awareness of this and can understand why an asthma attack might happen and how they can reassure the person and seek help.


Swimming is on as usual on Tuesday afternoons – please ensure children have their swimming kits and that they attend these sessions as they are part of the curriculum.

Many thanks for your support.

Have a good weekend!

From Mrs Jacobs and Ms Stokes.