Summer Term 1 - Week 5

Week 5


Now that it finally feels like Spring, we took the opportunity to go into our garden area this week and to start getting it ready for our Science and D&T projects. The children will be making watering devices for the garden area next week and also planting some flowers for the next term. The children had great fun digging, weeding and raking and talked about the mini-beasts they discovered and the parts of the plants they could find. We also had a discussion about wild and garden plants.

In Numeracy this week the Year 1s have been consolidating their learning of money. They can now recognise coins and notes and add coins in 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s. The Year 2s have been doing retrieval on written methods for addition and subtraction to help them for their Spy Tests (aka KS1 SATS) next week.

The children have been busy researching information about plants to use in information texts next week. They have been learning the difference between fact and opinion and have been note-taking.

In R.E this week we learnt about the objects we might find in a church and we discussed how to keep money safe in P.S.H.E.