Cherry Class Blog Term 6 Week 1

Good afternoon children and adults and welcome to our classroom blog. We are heading now into our final term and have seven very busy weeks ahead of us, with lots of special days ahead such as class trips, residential, sports day, transition days for the current Year 6 and classroom swaps for Year 5's, to name but a few events!

In the classroom (learning-wise) this week, we have continued with our classroom text 'The City of Ember' and had a chance to make predictions, using clues from the text and inference. 

Year 6 this week in Numeracy have been looking at line graphs, changing temperatures, measurements and holiday costings whilst Year 5 have investigated decimal addition and subtraction and today we looked at decimal sequencing. 

In History, the class spent time looking at the Ancient Olympics, first held in Greece nearly 3000 thousand years ago. I brought some artefacts in from home, which the children enjoyed handling and especially wearing the Greek soldier helmet!

In PE we had an enjoyable session on the field yesterday practising our running techniques and relay baton handling skills! This morning we had a 'Commander Joe' team building activity on the field also.

Have a great weekend everyone, take care

Mr Ramsden & Ms Stokes