Spring Term 1 - Week 4

Sorting materials according to their properties

Sorting materials according to their properties

Week 4


As always it has been a week packed with lots of learning, the children have been working super hard and amazing me.

In Literacy we began a new unit learning about letters. We have learnt about the features of letters and talked about why letters have these features.  The children learnt that persuasion means trying to convince someone to buy something and we have been writing down ideas for why the toy Traction Man is a good toy to buy.

In Numeracy, Year 1s continued learning about the place value of numbers within 50. We learnt how to partition a 2 digit number using Base 10 and then recorded it on a Part Part Whole Model.  The Year 2 children have been learning about money this week, adding it to make a total and calculating change by subtraction.

We have had two Science lessons this week as we will be having two D&T lessons next week to give us enough time to make our toys. In Science we recapped the properties of materials and then sorted materials according to their properties (PHOTOS ATTACHED).

In Art this week we learnt how to use pencils to create shading and texture whilst sketching Claude Monet's Sunset in Venice painting.