Term 1 Week 7

We can't believe how quickly this term has gone, and the children have really earned a rest after all of their hard work and amazing learning this term. We finished off the term by writing play scripts in Literacy which we practices in groups and then recorded on iMovie to add sound effects and titles. 

In Maths Year 3 completed their learning on subtraction methods, and Year 4 have been finishing off our addition and subtraction unit by looking at effective mental methods and using inverse operations to check answers. 

In our science we looked at how we can use reflection to walk along curved lines and why this would be difficult as mirrors reverse images. In our Geography we finished the term by looking at how the UK and Malta are similar and different and why this might be. 

We hope you have a lovely half term and look forward to seeing you back on the 31st October. 

Mr Saunders and Mrs Hendry.