Cherry Class Blog Term 4 Week 4

Good afternoon everyone!

This week has rattled along as ever, and the children have been very productive over a range of subjects and tasks.

In Literacy, we continued with our class text 'The Pig Heart Boy' and are now about half way in. The children had a chance to write in role this week, both in the form of a diary entry and an informal letter.

Both year groups in Numeracy have been looking at perimeter and area and this has help consolidate their multiplication recall and written methods.

In Science, we have been looking at how organisms have adapted to their surroundings - this week it was the turn of 'plants' and the children produced some interesting fact files linked to interesting plants such as a Venus fly trap and cactus.

In RE we looked the work of Mother Teresa in India and how she dedicated her life to help others, and in PSHE we look at how people have helped their wider community.

Another very successful PE lesson was held in the hall this morning, building on our dance to the soundtrack Greased Lightning! All the children participated in their small groups and it was great to see the progression from Week 1.

Many thanks to so many parents turning up this week to attend parents evening. It was good to see you all and discuss your child's learning.

Have a great weekend everyone

Mr RamsdenĀ