Autumn Term 1 - Week 4

Week 4



This week Holly Class learnt about Queen Victoria. We talked about why she was a significant individual and then discussed the key events in her life such as, when she was born, when she got became queen, her wedding day, when her husband died and when she died.  We then had pictures of these events and sequenced them in a time line. By doing this, we learnt to sequence events from the life of a significant individual.



In Science this week the children had great fun doing an experiment using skittles.  We placed skittles in a circle and then poured warm water in the middle. This made the sugar run and created a pretty rainbow pattern. Through this experiment we learnt about dissolving and how sugar dissolves in warm water. Some children were able to link it to everyday experiences such as licking lollipops and how the saliva in our mouth makes the sugar dissolve.


Year 1 - The children have been learning to use the vocabulary MORE THAN and LESS THAN.  To do this we have been making towers out of lego and comparing them and have also been using manipulatives to calculate 1 more and 1 less than a number up to 20.

Year 2 - The children were introduced to the <, > and = signs and have been learning how to use these to compare 2 digit numbers. We have also been learning to count in 2s and used the cubes and beadstrings to help us count in 2s.


We have continued with our learning based on Oliver Twist. The children learnt about the -ed suffix and we have been using it to write in the past tense as Oliver.