Term 2 week 4

Hello :) 

What an adventurous week we have had this week!


This week in literacy we have visited the rainforest! We have discussed some fantastic new vocabulary describing what we can see, hear, feel and smell whilst walking around the magical forest! From this, we have then written postcards as if we had actually visited the location ourselves. This has linked our learning with our focus text 'Meerkat Mail'. 


This week we have started to look at shapes! We have identified what a 2D shape is and how that is different from a 3D shape. We have discussed the properties of 2D shapes and have explored vertical lines of symmetry within them. In addition, we have continued to focus on our times tables and our number bonds to 20. 


We have had a very exciting week! We took a trip to Mote Park to explore and investigate our local physical geography! We had a lovely time looking at the different features we could find and used our knowledge to discuss why we thought Maidstone was built on a hill. 

In history, we have looked at events within living memory and to do this, we looked at Maidstone Zoo! We investigated a significant historical person in our locality and learned about the founder of the zoo. We discussed what we would do if we had the land to build our own zoo. We had a wonderful discussion about all the things to consider when building our own zoo. We also linked this to our science learning on animals. 

This week in science, we have been looking at humans. We discussed what makes us a mammal and then labelled the basic part of a human. We also discussed the different parts of our bodies that link to our senses.