Cherry Class Blog Term 3 Week 5

Hello everyone reading this blog! Our second to last one of a term that has whizzed by!

The children this week in Literacy really immersed themselves in the process of writing questions and responses to support a newspaper report that they'll be writing next week linked to our Mayan text 'The Hero Twins. In today's lesson, the children got into groups of 3 and asked questions as an interviewer and answered in role as one of the Hero Twins!

In Numeracy, Year 6 have been getting to grips successfully with algebra whereas Year 5 have been looking at fractions of amounts, culminating in an end of topic quiz this morning.

In Science, the children looked at changing materials and conducted an experiment using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar (and a balloon!) to produce gas and made predictions, wrote up results and a conclusion also.

In history, we looked at the reasons for the decline of the Mayan empire and why some reasons carried more weight that others, and how we don't really know for certain what happened as records have been destroyed sadly.

Have a great weekend everyone

Mr Ramsden & Ms StokesĀ