New school year

Hi everyone and welcome back to the new school year.

I am really looking forward to seeing everyone from Year 1 to Year 6 when you return to school on Thursday 1st September.  I am also looking forward to getting to know our new Year R children and their families over the coming weeks.

Everyone at school has been so proud of the way you have all adapted and shown how resilient you all are over the past few years but hopefully, we will have a much more 'normal' year in school this year - no lockdowns or a return to weeks of remote learning! 

One of my aims for the new school year is to be much better at keeping my blog up to date - so when you see me around the school, remember to remind me if you think I have forgotten!!

All of the teachers are back in school for training tomorrow and to ensure that everything is ready for you to return.

Remember to share all you holiday news with me or tell me what you are hoping to achieve this next year - I love to hear all your news.

See you soon