Autumn Term 2 - Week 5

Week 5


In literacy, we have finished our postcards following our focus text 'Meerkat Mail'. The children used all of the skills they have learnt in this unit including writing different types of sentences. We also learnt about words ending in /o/ sound and ll where the /o/ phoneme is spelt with an 'a', e.g. tall, small, called. The children have been great detectives and have been spotting these words in their reading books.


In maths, we have finished looking at 2D shapes and have begun to look at 3D shapes. We have looked at identifying common 3D shapes and everyday objects. We have also continued to focus on our times tables and number bond recall. 


In R.E., we have learnt about Christmas traditions and talked about which ones are from the Christmas story and which have different reasons behind them. We also learnt most Christians celebrate Christmas on Christmas Day but some celebrate it in January.

In Science we have been focusing on our senses. We looked at the parts of the body that are associated with our senses and how these help keep us safe.