Walnut Class Term 5 Week 1

Welcome back to Term 5.

We've started off really well, producing amazing learning during our first week back!

In Literacy we've started our learning by looking at non-chronological reports. We've been finding out what the features of non-chronological reports are. Children also complete their own non-chronological reports.

During our Numeracy sessions, Year 3 have learned how to add and subtract fractions with the same denominators.  Year 4 have continued to learn about fractions and decimals, adding parts to make a whole.

For our Science learning, we have looked at real flowering plants to find the different parts of a plant and their functions.

In RE we have been looking at what  ‘The Golden Rule’ is and how this relates to Christianity (10 Commandments). Children could explain that The Golden Rule is actually applicable to other religions as well (although it may be written slightly differently).

Our Computing lessons started by looking at repetition within real-life examples, where the children identified which parts of a set of instructions are repeated. They then used Scratch, a block-based programming environment, to create shapes using count-controlled loops. They consider what the different values in each loop signify, then used existing codes to modify and create new codes.  They explored a variety of codes, predicting what the output would be.

In Art we have been doing research about the sculptures of Peter Thursby.

We ended our week on a really high note by using different instruments to create our own pieces of music.

Have a lovely weekend.

From Mrs Jacobs and Ms Stokes.