Term 5, Week 3

Rowan Class should be so proud of the learning that they have produced this week!  

This week, Rowan Class has been experimenting with using music in class to help us calm and regulate our emotions. We have produced some amazing learning while listening to calming music – well done all!  

In Literacy we have been looking at predictions using our focus text, The City of Ember. The children have written some great predictions using inference and relating the text to lived experiences. We have looked at what we think will happen to the city and what we think is inside the box. Why not ask your child to tell you about the book?  

In Maths this week, Year 5 looked at coordinates and relating these to map reading. Additionally, we have looked at translating shapes using mathematical language. In Year 6, the children have looked at angles within polygons and quadrilaterals. They also looked at measuring circles, looking at the radius, diameter and circumference.  

In Science, we looked at reflection, using our torches to investigate which materials are reflective. We discussed what makes an object reflective and how reflection works.  

In Computing we investigated using tinkering to overcome ‘bugs’ found in programs when we input algorithms. The children blew the adults away with their knowledge and ability to find ‘bugs’ in code and rectify their mistakes.  

In PE, we have had a special treat the past few weeks, we are very lucky to have Commando Josh taking our OAA lessons. The children have enjoyed working together to solve puzzles. The adults are very proud of the resilience of the children during these challenges.  

PE will be on 2 days a week: Thursday (afternoon) and Friday (morning).  
Please ensure your child wears the PE kit as per the school policy. 

Don’t forget: School is closed on Monday 6th May as it is Bank Holiday. This term Year 6 will sit their SATS. These will take place between Monday 13th May and Thursday 16th May 

We have had an amazing learning week. We cannot wait to do it all again next week! 

Mr Bowles, Ms Harris, Miss Rackley and Miss Hayes.