Term 1 week 5

Hello :) 

What a Vict...orious week we have had in Oak Class this week! 


In literacy we have really been focusing on what makes a sentence a sentence! We have been learning all about structuring a sentence correctly, including capital letters and full stops and ensuring that our sentences have nouns, verbs and adjectives in them! We have been linking this to our focus text all about Oliver Twist! 


In maths this week we have continued to look at our 10 times tables and number bonds to 10. 

We have also been looking at place value, adding and subtracting 10 from any number up to 100 and explaining how this affects the digits in the number. We ended the week applying our knowledge of place value to problem solving so we could put our knowledge to good use and solve problems. 


In the afternoons we have been very busy! We have looking at significant events in the past and focused on the Victorians! All term we have been looking at the Victorian era, comparing the life of Queen Victoria and our late Queen Elizabeth and how Victorian had an impact on her decisions as a ruler. We have looked at what life was like for a Victorian child and how this has changed over time. Oak Class experienced a day in a Victorian school and were very happy to say they prefer their normal classroom routines! They know why children no longer need to work at such a young age and we discussed how the law has changed to protect them.