Term 1 Week 6

Hello all,

We have had a very fun week;

In Literacy we made a pirates stew! Some of us even did a taste test and LOVED IT! The purpose of our lesson was being able to follow instructions and identify time conjunctions. We also continued to consolidate our knowledge of capital letters and full stops through writing instructions.

In Maths we have been introduced to addition. We identified what the symbols mean, how to add and have started to look at addition fact families! We are also beginning to find number bonds up to 20.

In Science we have observed closely using simple equipment. We did this through carrying out an experiment; we learnt that oil does not mix with water.

In Art we used our designing skills to sketch an Barabara Hepworth inspired sculpture that we will make next week in our Art lesson.

In PE we combined all of our multi-skills (balancing, throwing, catching and running) to complete a variety of activities.

In Geography we used our field skills to use compasses to identify directions

Few Reminders:

  •  Parents Evening dates will be as follows: Tuesday 17th October – 3.30pm-6.30pm Thursday 19th October – 6pm - 8pm
  • Next term Holly, Ivy and Oak Class will be doing DT. For this we need the following:
    Cardboard boxes (various sizes)
    Toilet roll/Kitchen roll tubes
    Cardboard egg cartons

Have a wonderful weekend!