Term 2 Week 2

Hello all,

Wow: what a week! Well done Ivy Class for displaying such resilience this week.

In Literacy we have:

  • been learning from our information text about the Tower of London
  • been learning what questions are, how to write them and to include that all-important question mark.

In Maths we have:

  • been consolidating our subtraction skills, learning to subtract through taking one away and by using number lines.

In Science we have:

  • been busy experimenting to compare the suitability of everyday materials. We built houses for "bee" to live in; simulated stormy weather and found out which was the most suitable material to build a house with.


  • in preparation for upcoming anti-bullying week, we looked at what makes a healthy friendship and how we can be a good friend to others.

In PE we have:

  • continued to do fitness with the PASS coach - applying our co-ordination skills to games this week

In History we have:

  • continued to learn about the significance of events that have happened beyond our living memory - we designed our own fireworks and then wrote fact strips about why we celebrate firework night.

Few Reminders:

  • On the 8th of December, KS1 classes will be visiting St Stephen’s Church in Maidstone to take part in their Christmas Story workshop. The purpose of this visit is to learn about the Christmas story that the children will also be learning about in their R.E lessons this term. The children will not be taking part in worship whilst at the church. Holly, Oak and Ivy class are looking for adults to accompany us on the walk down to the church. Please let your child’s class teacher know if you are able to help. Thank you.
  • On Monday 13th November we are encouraging all children and staff to wear their favourite odd socks. To mark the beginning of Anti-Bullying Week, we wanted to join thousands of other children and adults across the UK in celebrating that we are all unique and that children should be themselves, accepting of one another and to celebrate differences. Thank you for your support
  • It’s that time of year again! It’s Children in Need day on Friday 17th November. This year we would like everyone to dress up in something spotty. Please bring in a donation for this amazing charity.

This weekend, Hindus and Sikhs all over the world will be celebrating Diwali. We would like to wish all families at Park Way celebrating the festival this weekend a happy Diwali. May the new year bring you peace, happiness and
Have a wonderful weekend! :)