Term 2 week 5

Hello :) 

We have had a great week in Oak Class with amazing learning and great performances in our rehearsals for our play!


In literacy, we have finished our postcards following our focus text 'Meerkat Mail'. We have also begun to look at poetry. We have started the week looking at reading poems aloud in order to increase our pace and fluency. To do this, we have read Anthony Browne's 'Into the Forest'. We had some amazing discussions around the different traditional stories that features within the story and how the illustrator uses colour to depict emotions in the story. 


In maths, we have finished looking at 2D shapes and have begun to look at 3D shapes. We have looked at identifying common 3D shapes and everyday objects. We have also continued to focus on our times tables and number bond recall. 


In R.E., we have looked at the traditions that some Christians take part in as part of our learning on the festival of Christmas. We also discussed how the traditions that some Christians follow link to the Christmas story. 

In Science we have been focusing on our senses. We looked at the parts of the body that are associated with our senses and how these help keep us safe. 

In History, we looked at a significant place in our locality. We discussed that Maidstone used to have its very own zoo! We learned about the man who had the zoo on his private land, what happened to the zoo and how it is the 60th anniversary of its closure.