Term 1 Week 1

Great learning this week!

Great learning this week!

Hello Everyone,

What a fantastic start Ivy class has had to an exciting year ahead!

I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know each and every Ivy member; they are superstars! I know we will have a fantastic year ahead.

So, what have we been up to this week?

In Maths we read 'The Great Pet Sale' and looked at how much the animals cost. We read numbers and counted from 0-20 and had a go at counting in steps of 2 and 10. 

In our phonics lesson we have been retrieving our knowledge on phonemes and graphemes from last year and then using this to use our apply to words. We have also been busy checking that we are forming our letters correctly. 

In Literacy, we remembered the animals from our Maths story and looked at different ways to describe them. We were very good at using adjectives to describe a tortoise and it's shell. In addition to this, we learnt to structure sentences correctly, remembering to include capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

In the afternoons, our focus this week has been on Art. We have been busy using various materials, paint, pencils and colouring pencils to create wonderful pieces of art. We learnt to: use observation to draw, share ideas and use our imagination,explore strategies to create texture and explore strategies to create light and form.

In Plan Learn Review time, the children (with support) have been leading their own learning, choosing with activities to engage with. Across the week they have: explored places around the world using a globe, atlas and puzzle, writing about pirates, drawing various pirate themed pictures, participating in pirate role-playing, reading stories and solving a few number bond problems. 

Well done Ivies for settling in so well and supporting each other.

A reminder for adults:

  • Our PE day this term will be Wednesday: children must have a full PE kit in school - if you are unsure, please do either come speak to myself as I am happy to help or refer to our PE post on our Class page. 
  • Please supply your child with a water bottle to access throughout the school day. Children can fill their bottles with water in class.
  • Please ensure your child's name is in their coats/jumpers. Any jumpers without names which are not claimed will be placed in lost property.
  • From Monday reading records will go home, please ensure they are signed by an adult once read and returned to school with the reading book. If you are unsure, please do either come speak to myself as I am happy to help or refer to our reading post on our Class page. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and look forward to seeing you Monday :)