Walnut Class Term 5 Week 5

We have enjoyed another week of amazing learning in Walnut Class!

Year 4 Mathematicians have been learning to apply their knowledge of decimals and place value to solving problems with money. They have been using different denominations of coins to make an amount; for example, they have been challenged with finding as many different ways to make £6.79. They will continue with their learning of money and decimals next week. Year 3 Mathematicians have been learning to add amounts of money using a part-whole model and a bar model. Year 3's also started their learning about Time and learned about Roman Numerals up to number 12.

In Literacy this week, Walnut Class have been using their computing skills to create a podcast about Park Way Primary School. They have planned their podcast by writing a non-chronological report, using a title, sub-headings, paragraphs and a diagram. They should hopefully feel fully prepared to apply their skills to their hot-write next week, which again, will be on a non-chronological report. 

For their Science learning this week, children explored how water is transported within a plant. They used retrieval skills to refer back to their knowledge about the function of the roots and stem. They then built on this knowledge to understand that ‘xylem’ are hollow tubes within a plant – the function of which is to draw water up through the tubes into the rest of the plant. Children examined celery in order to identify the xylem. They then placed the celery in a glass of water with food colouring in order to investigate whether the xylem tubes draw the coloured water up through its internal capillary system. They observed what's happening every morning and record the results.

Walnut Class have enjoyed their Spanish learning this week by using retrieval skills to tell me some of the different seasons of the year. They have started to build on this knowledge to construct a simple sentence in Spanish (In summer, it is sunny and it is hot).

In Music this week, children listened to different music to understand that there are different emotions that music can evoke. They learnt that a particular piece of music might make them feel anxious, yet could make another person feel happy. They have also learned about pulse and rhythm in music.

For their Art learning this week, children have sculpted their 3D clay flowers. They will use shading skills to paint their 3D flowers next week.


  • Swimming on Tuesday – please ensure children bring their swimming kit with them to school.
  • Year 4 are on their school trip on Wednesday. Details have been sent to parents in advance.

Have a good weekend!

From Mrs Jacobs and Ms Stokes.